Hideaway Restaurant

A new steak restaurant in Basingstoke 


Hideaway is a new restaurant in Basingstoke where you can enjoy a quality British steak and house salad for only £10. This flavoursome steak comes from a shoulder cut and an innovative 3-stage cooking process means you can get a remarkable steak for a great price.

  • Firstly, your steak is buttered, well-seasoned and sealed in a vacuum-packed cooking bag
  • Immersion in a water-bath at 160 degrees Fahrenheit means your steak is tenderised
  • Lastly, your steak is flame grilled and best served medium-rare

The entire process takes just under 15 minutes.  Your tender steak, salad and optional sides and sauces are served on an attractive wooden platter and terracotta tile – with a mini cleaver to slice your succulent steak. 

To go with your quality British steak and house salad, a variety of sides such as chips cooked in dripping, and today’s market greens are also on the menu. A complimentary bowl of savoury popcorn is served on arrival. There’s also the option of a rump steak or gourmet burger as well as a variety of delicious desserts.  

“We have done a lot of research into what type of restaurant Basingstoke needs,” says Paul Fearon, General Manager of Hideaway.

“Today, customers are looking for more of an experience when they dine out – either the overall venue design or the actual cooking process.  The Hideaway concept will be well received by the people of Basingstoke, whether they are looking for an intimate venue for a date night or a top quality meal out with friends and family.

The restaurant serves food 6 evenings a week (Mon-Sat) from 6.00-10.00pm.

Call 01256 796700 to book a table.